Upcoming Events

But Why Is The Rum Gone? – 8pm Fri 11/13 @ Pimm & Proper and Vesper Marchini’s

What’s your favorite rum drink?  Wait – you don’t have one?  What are rum drinks?  (Other than Rum & Coke.)  Are there any?  Come join us for a night of punches and other concoctions made with a variety of interesting rums.  BYO snacks/food.  Your hosts will provide the rum.  Suggestions for drinks are welcome!

More events to come…

Got an idea for a party?  Want to host our next shindig?  Volunteers welcome!  We’d like to get a few things on the schedule and mapped out in advance so our busy members can plan with their schedules.

Past Events

LUPEC DC’s Field Trip – 6pm Wed 9/16 @ Wisdom Bar

Pimm & Proper spotted this hip new bar and has suggested a group outing!  We’ll be enjoying their happy hour cocktail specials and testing them out for future field trips/events.  Address is 1432 Pennsylvania Ave SE.  Metro suggested – Potomac Ave station.

Vodka Tasting Party – 8pm Fri 7/31 @ Bombay Sapphist’s

Pick a vodka….any vodka.  Actually, you can pick several.  We’ll have different bases (wheat, potato, soy, grape, corn), and different flavors (cherry, orange, berry, black raspberry, clementine, ginger, raspberry, mango/black pepper, acai/acerola/blueberry/pomegranate, huckleberry).  This party was specially designed for a Friday so no one has to worry about overindulging on a school night!

Feel free to bring an exotic vodka if you’ve got one at home.  Food contributions are welcome as always.  We’ll discuss group structure a little more at this meeting.  And of course tour the wonderland that is Bombay Sapphist’s home bar.  Parking is scarce, but doable.  Metro only a mile away (don’t worry, someone will come and fetch you).  Best of all, the townhouse is open to anyone who overindulges and needs to crash – feel free to bring along pillows and blankets.

LUPEC DC Field Trip – 7:30 Tues 7/21 @ New Heights Gin Joint

Let’s all take a break from hosting and go out to drink!  Come check out Bombay Sapphist’s favorite bar in all of DC.  If you like gin, this place is heaven.  If you don’t like gin, you’ll still be in for good booze.  Bartender Jason is a tequila master as well.  Address is 2317 Calvert St NW.  Metro is Woodley Park, and they’ve also got valet parking.


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