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LUPEC DC at Wisdom Bar


Better late than never, ladies – here’s the report and pics from our last field trip for the cause!  Our jaunt out to Wisdom was a huge success – our biggest event yet!  Thanks to all who are spreading the word to their classy cocktail-loving lady friends.  We just accidentally happened to meet during National Bourbon Appreciation Month.  That’s something we’ll need to commemorate officially in future – start thinking of bourbon ideas for next September.

The drinks were wonderful – both the special bourbon menu and their usual cocktail list.  And the bar was classy (in a dark, mysterious, candlelit sort of way).  Though the neighborhood was a bit new to all of us, I think it’s safe to say we found a diamond in the rough.  Plus, Eric the owner was thrilled with us – he even offered to do events with us in future!  This is another field trip that definitely deserves to be repeated!  Happy Hour indeed!