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LUPEC DC at Wisdom Bar


Better late than never, ladies – here’s the report and pics from our last field trip for the cause!  Our jaunt out to Wisdom was a huge success – our biggest event yet!  Thanks to all who are spreading the word to their classy cocktail-loving lady friends.  We just accidentally happened to meet during National Bourbon Appreciation Month.  That’s something we’ll need to commemorate officially in future – start thinking of bourbon ideas for next September.

The drinks were wonderful – both the special bourbon menu and their usual cocktail list.  And the bar was classy (in a dark, mysterious, candlelit sort of way).  Though the neighborhood was a bit new to all of us, I think it’s safe to say we found a diamond in the rough.  Plus, Eric the owner was thrilled with us – he even offered to do events with us in future!  This is another field trip that definitely deserves to be repeated!  Happy Hour indeed!


Vodka Tasting Party!


Now for a party of an entirely different kind….the ladies of LUPEC DC took a departure from our usual cocktails for a Russian-style vodka tasting, straight up.  A good time was had by all.  Eighteen vodkas, total.  Fifteen were tasted.  (Not bad for just six of us.)  We started taking tasting notes, but seem to have gotten distracted before we could finish…

Looking forward to our next ‘do, when I think we’ll go back to the world of classily shaken and stirred beverages…

Field Trip Time! LUPEC DC @ New Heights


Just back from an exquisite evening at the New Heights Gin Joint.  Bombay Sapphist believes she’s convinced the rest of the ladies of the value of this tiny jewel on Calvert Street.  Better attendance than expected as well – we nearly took up the entire bar!

This is just a PARTIAL inventory of the incredibly amazing drinks we enjoyed at New Heights on our first official field trip.  Many thanks to the fabulous Jason, bartender extraordinaire, and our gracious host Umbi Singh.  This is one outing we are sure to repeat.

LUPEC DC’s Inaugural Party – 7/9/09


Many thanks to all who turned out for our organization’s inaugural celebration – especially Beccarovka for playing hostess.  LUPEC DC is certainly off to a rollicking start!  The Sunsational Cocktails were certainly a hit!  Thanks to Imbibe Magazine for inspiring our summertime celebration.  Here are a few pics of the general merriment.  We’ll have to make sure to take more pictures in future, as cocktail hour pics do tend to be somewhat hit and miss.  😉  Looking forward to our next playdate at New Heights Bar/Restaurant!  See Upcoming Events page for more!

Hello world!


Hello ladies!  Welcome to the blog I designed just for us!  As LUPEC DC formally gets up and running, this will be the place to get information on our events, drink recipes, reviews, and links to fabulous cocktail-related websites.  Feel free to make comments/additions to the page.  This is your forum to talk about all things happy-hour related – whatever hour that might be.

Founding members, start thinking up your official LUPEC pseudonyms now, so we can get a member page up and running.  Invitations to our first official event to come soon – think end of July!  In the meantime, I’m going to work on posting some wonderful cocktail resources and information.  And maybe a few pictures, to make our web home look a little more snazzy.